Wed. Oct 21st, 2020


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Inside the $90m world’s first luxury ultra-fast superyacht Nemesis One that designers call ‘stealth fighter of the sea’

PICTURES of the world’s first ultra-fast superyacht reveal it resembles a stealth fighter jet and a new level of interior luxury. 

The Nemesis One yacht is a futuristic hydrofoil catamaran design that is capable of breaking the 50 knots speed barrier and is the world’s first luxury foiling multihull, according to the designer, Nemesis Yachts. 


The Nemesis One superyacht is a futuristic hydrofoil catamaran designCredit: Cover Images


The interior of the yacht can be transformed from an owner to a charter layoutCredit: Cover Images

“Contrary to being a stripped out racing vessel, the all carbon fiber Nemesis One boasts stunning futuristic, yet comfortable interiors,” Nemesis Yachts stated in a press release on the debut Tuesday. 

The yacht that can glide through the air on computer-controlled hydrofoils is a massive 332 feet long. 

With the ‘Oceanwings’ wing sail patented by VPLP Design, the superyacht is anything but a conventional sailing vessel. 

“The wing automatically adjusts its angle of attack, camber and twist, eliminating any need for manual sail trimming,” the press release states.


The yacht can fly through the air on computer-controlled hydrofoilsCredit: Cover Images


The Nemesis One departs from the traditional port and starboard modulesCredit: Cover Images

That means no pulling lines or handling sails. 

Instead, the designers built in state-of-the-art hydraulic and electric controls to allow the yacht to operate with a minimal crew. 

The Nemesis One is also reimagining living configurations at sea. 

It departs from the traditional port and starboard modules, with an interior that can be transformed from an owner to a charter layout. 


The superyacht costs about €80 millionCredit: Cover Images


The interior of the yacht can removed entirely to put it in ‘ultra-light race mode’Credit: Cover Images

On top of that, those two setups can be removed entirely to put the yacht in “ultra-light race mode.”

Among Nemesis One’s cutting edge technology features is that it is a zero emissions machine.

Its retractable hydrogen-electric propulsion requires no fossil fuel. 

The superyacht’s many innovations come with a price tag—an estimated €80 million. 


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While the features may seem out-of-this-world, Nemesis CEO Richard Ruthenberg does not see it that way.

“The team behind this project has an impressive amount of accomplished projects under its belt,” Ruthenberg told New Atlas. 

“We do not consider this bleeding-edge technology, we’re simply combining existent and industry proven features in a smart way that hasn’t been done to date.”